February 24, 2010

i'd like a badge of honour

I've been a really bad blogger. Now before you say anything - I have a good reason! I have a big exam on the 3rd and I have 5 days to study 400 pages. Yeah, that's not gonna work haha. So wish me luck, I will need it. :)

Don't you love when two of your friends meet and they get along perfectly? I just introduced two friends of mine to each other a few hours ago and they're both hilarious. They got along so well and it seemed as if they've been friends forever already. We only spent two hours at the bar but it was great fun (again, exams. I don't think I've ever been home from the bar at 12! 12 as in noon yes, 12 as in midnight no.)

Outfit for my aunt's birthday. I am secretly in love with leopard prints, pshh.

Cake! (Although I didn't eat it because I can't really have sweet stuff!)

We went to a club on Saturday (wow it really does sound like I have a life at the moment haha it's really not the case!) and not only did we get in free but we also got a bottle of champagne because my friend knows the owner. Yay! :)


top - H&M, shorts - American Eagle, leopard cardigan - Fairweather (I think), necklace - American Eagle

Well, I need to go to bed now... I have a long day of studying ahead of me! Good night lovelies! :)
x laura

February 17, 2010

it starts in my toes, makes me crinkle my nose

I went to an African restaurant slash nargileh place called Sagya with one of my best friends Juni. We always have the best time together and do what girls do - chat, gossip and have some wine. The reason I love Sagya is because of their chill-out lounge. It is full of African paintings and comfortable seating arrangements. Our waitress was really nice, too - we had two nagrilehs and she only charged us one! We had a great night and I can't wait to go again! :)

One of the beanbags in the lounge. Wonderful pattern, isn't it?

An interesting little candle on our table.

Juni and I <3 her!

...and voila, this is my outfit. Only from the back because I didn't take any pictures at home. My new golden skirt, which was 7,60 Euros! 

Juni and I were both wearing big rings. Then we realized the butterfly must fly and sit down on my flower obviously. Haha.

Nargileh number one.

Passion fruit and mango spritzers, by the way! I don't know any other place that has those.

Juni's top. Isn't it amazing? She always looks great.

We decided to get a little "dinner" which was more like a snack. These are hot African coconut balls in a cold mango sauce. Soooo yummy! Notice how they put the name of the restaurant on the plate.

on me: top - H&M, skirt - Peacock's, ring - Accessorize
on Juni: top - H&M

I had a wonderful time. Can't wait to go again! 

February 14, 2010

i felt the blues just by the things she said

Today, a lady made my day. I was standing in front of Starbucks waiting for my friend and it was just warm enough to wear a 60 denier pair of tights. A few degrees less and I would have taken advantage of my usual "two pairs on top of each other" method. So while I was standing there looking around, a lady was walking by and went into Starbucks with her husband. While they open the door she turns to me to get my attention and says, "You look so beautiful. I'd be too cold wearing that, but you look wonderful." She had this really nice smile and it was just such a nice gesture of her. It's funny how some people make your day and they don't even know about it. 

Once a year, my aunt takes me out shopping for my birthday and Christmas. First, we meet up for coffee, then we go shopping, have dinner at a wonderfully posh restaurant and this time we also went to Sky Bar to have cocktails after dinner. Sky Bar is wonderful because it's seven floors up in the air (now that doesn't sound too high but it is) and it overlooks the centre of Vienna, especially St. Steven's cathedral. Very, very nice view. Sadly, I didn't bring my camera because I didn't want to carry it around shopping.

Swarovski necklace, a really cheap piece (psssht!) but I still thought it looked cute! A gift from my aunt.

Chanel is my absolute obsession. Here, lipstick rouge allure. A gift from my aunt.

... and this is it's colour - a beautiful bright red tone. I took this picture because I love how "Chanel" is written on the actual lipstick. How cute! 

I wanted to get a little something, originally I thought a pair of studs or something like that from Chanel but they didn't have anything I liked, so instead I got this little piece from Louis Vuitton. I want to use it as a cross-over bag so I will have to cheat a little and find a different strap to use with it somewhere. However, it is also wearable like this and it was only 165 Euros. This is my aunt's main gift, obviously :)

The lady at Burberry put SUCH a cute ribbon on my bag. It is silky. Did I mention I am in love with silk and satin?

Finally! My cashmere scarf. I could wear it all day. Allll day. I saved up for this one ;)

Happy Valentine's Day! It's my (other) aunt's birthday today so we are going to have dinner at my grandma's and an Austrian Jause, meaning cake and coffee at 3. (Although I always tend to make mocha out of my coffee.) And guess what? I'm running late! I was supposed to shower and wash my hair (which takes forever because it is so long) and study for constitutional history (yuck.). Hm. I better get going. Have a nice day with your loved ones, everybody! 

-x laura.

February 9, 2010

blame the caffeine for all the 5am phone calls

My outfit isn't very spectacular today but I had to get up at 6 in the morning and when I'm sleepy I just like to throw on whatever I can find. :) I just bought the skirt recently, notice the little cute hooks on the back of it. I also love the little pocket on the front of the shirt. Additionally, there is a picture of one of my favourite necklaces. I got it for my high school graduation and it was my first piece of jewelry with a real diamond. I love it! 
(excuse the mess in my room, I'm a busy law student ;)! ) 

top - American Eagle, shoes - vintage, watch - Dolce & Gabbana, necklace - Tiffany & Co. 

February 1, 2010

i'll keep you my dirty little secret

I wanted to show you the wonderful lingerie I got for my birthday because it is simply wonderful. I look and feel so good in it. Usually, American Eagle's aerie underwear is more comfortable than beautiful but these three babies are just adorable. ♥ The last picture is my beloved "laugh" sign. It's made of wood and I bought it in St. Jacob's, Ontario last summer. It is so beautiful and makes me smile whenever I see it.

I adore the script aerie uses. I tried looking for it on the internet someday a few years back and I found the designer (sadly, I can't remember his name) but (obviously) I wasn't able to download it anywhere. I am still in love with it and that is possibly a fact that is never going to change :)