February 14, 2010

i felt the blues just by the things she said

Today, a lady made my day. I was standing in front of Starbucks waiting for my friend and it was just warm enough to wear a 60 denier pair of tights. A few degrees less and I would have taken advantage of my usual "two pairs on top of each other" method. So while I was standing there looking around, a lady was walking by and went into Starbucks with her husband. While they open the door she turns to me to get my attention and says, "You look so beautiful. I'd be too cold wearing that, but you look wonderful." She had this really nice smile and it was just such a nice gesture of her. It's funny how some people make your day and they don't even know about it. 

Once a year, my aunt takes me out shopping for my birthday and Christmas. First, we meet up for coffee, then we go shopping, have dinner at a wonderfully posh restaurant and this time we also went to Sky Bar to have cocktails after dinner. Sky Bar is wonderful because it's seven floors up in the air (now that doesn't sound too high but it is) and it overlooks the centre of Vienna, especially St. Steven's cathedral. Very, very nice view. Sadly, I didn't bring my camera because I didn't want to carry it around shopping.

Swarovski necklace, a really cheap piece (psssht!) but I still thought it looked cute! A gift from my aunt.

Chanel is my absolute obsession. Here, lipstick rouge allure. A gift from my aunt.

... and this is it's colour - a beautiful bright red tone. I took this picture because I love how "Chanel" is written on the actual lipstick. How cute! 

I wanted to get a little something, originally I thought a pair of studs or something like that from Chanel but they didn't have anything I liked, so instead I got this little piece from Louis Vuitton. I want to use it as a cross-over bag so I will have to cheat a little and find a different strap to use with it somewhere. However, it is also wearable like this and it was only 165 Euros. This is my aunt's main gift, obviously :)

The lady at Burberry put SUCH a cute ribbon on my bag. It is silky. Did I mention I am in love with silk and satin?

Finally! My cashmere scarf. I could wear it all day. Allll day. I saved up for this one ;)

Happy Valentine's Day! It's my (other) aunt's birthday today so we are going to have dinner at my grandma's and an Austrian Jause, meaning cake and coffee at 3. (Although I always tend to make mocha out of my coffee.) And guess what? I'm running late! I was supposed to shower and wash my hair (which takes forever because it is so long) and study for constitutional history (yuck.). Hm. I better get going. Have a nice day with your loved ones, everybody! 

-x laura.


  1. love chanel lippy too--the ultimate of luxury lipstick! anyways, sounds liek a really good shopping day:)

    happy vday!

    xx raez

  2. I love the Chanel lipstick, the colour is amazing. And this incident with the woman is a really nice story. it is wonderful when small things like this happen

  3. great purchases! i'm a big fan of chanel beauty products.

  4. Wow, awesome shopping day. That jewelry is very pretty and I just bought red lippy too...but I opted for MAC. Mm luscious!

  5. lucky lucky you I bet that chanel lipstick looks amazing on you!!!! you got alot of nice items girl


  6. I pretty much am in love with everything that you got! Lucky gal! Sounds like a great Vday to me :)

  7. Lovely blog! :)

    Follow my blog and I follow your blog:


  8. I want that Chanel lipstick ....