February 1, 2010

i'll keep you my dirty little secret

I wanted to show you the wonderful lingerie I got for my birthday because it is simply wonderful. I look and feel so good in it. Usually, American Eagle's aerie underwear is more comfortable than beautiful but these three babies are just adorable. ♥ The last picture is my beloved "laugh" sign. It's made of wood and I bought it in St. Jacob's, Ontario last summer. It is so beautiful and makes me smile whenever I see it.

I adore the script aerie uses. I tried looking for it on the internet someday a few years back and I found the designer (sadly, I can't remember his name) but (obviously) I wasn't able to download it anywhere. I am still in love with it and that is possibly a fact that is never going to change :)


  1. vielen vielen dank.
    ich probiers auf alle fälle mal, ich hoffe ich schaffe es!

    die unterwäsche ist wirklich total hübsch! :)

    xoxo CG

  2. ouu i LOVE lingerie;)

    haha thanks for the comment; yaa i put some leave in conditioner in my hair; and that seemed to do the trick:)

    check out my blog tmw:) i just finished making one of the dresses i illustrated:)!

  3. I love underwear too, great pieces.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and hope to see you soon.

  4. Thanks for the sweet comment :) Gorgeous underwear!!

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  5. love pretty lingerie. yours are no exception:)

    xx raez

  6. what a lingerie :)
    samn. it's sexy- for sure!


  7. wow, this is some hot lingerie :)

  8. oh I was just at aerie - love the lace ;)

  9. thanks for stopping by my blog.
    come visit anytime.

  10. thank you so much!
    these are really pretty.