January 28, 2010

and the proof is in the kodak

Hi everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates recently - I've had a crazy week. Tomorrow is my biiig exam so wish me luck! I was lucky enough to be put in the reading room which is the most comfortable room available. I am extremely happy about that because writing a three-hour exam in a warm room, on a comfortable chair and where you have your own table just makes it so much better already.

On Monday, I finally got my birthday presents! :) (My birthday was in November.) I ordered amazing clothes from American Eagle and I am in love with them! I can't wait to show them to you. In the pictures above I'm wearing some of the clothes I bought two weeks ago. Hope you like them!

poncho - Orsay, top - Abercrombie & Fitch, shorts - Orsay, shoes - H&M, bag - Louis Vuitton

January 17, 2010

I've been going crazy studying recently so yesterday my mother decided to take some stress off me and took me out to the mall instead of studying. The one thing I still like more than the law obviously is shopping! My exam is tomorrow so let's hope it was worth it! Haha.

However, shopping was rather successful! I've been looking for killer heels in a simple black forEVER. My old ones are only about 1.5" or 2" but they are so comfortable I still love them.. they just aren't meant to be worn on a night out. So I finally found a pair and they are simply amazing - plus they were only 20 euros! I also bought another pair of cute brown heels with laces on the front, a pair of winter shorts, a beret (my first one ever!) and a cute pullover-like thing that is almost like a poncho but it comes down straight instead of in a triangle. I can't wait to wear my new things out and of course to show them to you in my next few posts!

skirt - Forever 21, bracelet - Grandma's, top - vintage, bolero - Fairweather, heels - Guess?

- x laura

January 14, 2010

Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I didn't expect to get any comments on my very first post! You ladies really made me smile.

Today it wasn't quite as cold. I only left the house to go to uni and I was in a real rush when I took the pictures. Lighting is really bad (I haven't found the perfect spot to take the pictures quite yet) so I apologize. I didn't have much time to take them either so they didn't quite turn out the way I wanted to. However, I hope you like the outfit.

blazer - Reitman's, ribbon - American Eagle, dress - Costa Blanca, shoes - Nine West

January 13, 2010

Recently I've seen many fashion-inspired blogs by people all around the world. As a fashionista myself I have decided to join the world of these wonderfully talented individuals and hope to inspire some of you with my fashion the way others have done it for me. Right now, I am looking forward to meeting new bloggers that want to share their fashion with me so add me if you like and inspire me to keep going. I cannot wait to follow your blogs and post my own outfits and talk about styles I love and loathe. Talk soon!

- laura.