April 8, 2010

AMOM: your taunting smirk behind the glass

Day 2 of the A Month of Music project. Today's topic is Your Least Favourite Song. This isn't really a topic I like because I think AMOM is a great way to show other people what kind of music you like and hopefully for them to find something they like themselves and give them something to further extend their music library with. Least Favourite Song is hard to work with too because really, who thinks about their least favourite song a lot? Of course, sometimes you hear a song on the radio which you really don't like but does anyone really have a song they think about a lot that makes them their least favourite? It's easier with books and movies, I guess. You spend a lot of time reading or watching those and sometimes you come across a really bad one. But songs? There are so many songs out there I don't like. Least favourite book I ever read? Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai. Least favourite movie? Closer.. but there's a few I could nominate for that title. But songs?

I've been thinking about this all morning and while there are a few songs I remembered that I don't like I can't really say they are my least favourite. I'm typing this right now still not knowing what song is going to win. I'm in the midst of studying what they call System and Method - a comparison between Roman Law and current law. Part of it is the history of Roman Law.. gahhh boring. So I'm going back to that and when I come back I will update and hopefully know what my least favourite song is :) 

your least favourite song.

Pink - Funhouse

I decided to go with my least favourite song at the moment. I kept thinking: what makes me want to barf when I hear it on the radio? The answer was pretty simple: Pink - Funhouse. I don't know why but every time I hear this song all I can think of is... trailer trash. I used to like her when she first started out (Get This Party Started was genius) but this song... yuck. Now you Pink fans out there please don't hate me ;) I hope her next song will be better.. although many of her songs tend to annoy me.

Besides, what is up with her name? Pink is a girly colour. Pink, well, is not.


  1. this one is going to be so hard for me. thanks for giving me some inspiration though! i guess i could pick my least favorite at the moment. but we shall see.

  2. oh, I actually like this song :DD
    but I agree with the color pink and the human pink stuff xD she's not pink at all :D

  3. I don't like All The Single Ladies (Beyoncé). It really annoys me.

  4. agree with rouge victoire- single ladies is terribleee. this song is also quite annoying haha.
    love this project your doing- super interesting!

  5. Love the blog please check out mine. xoxo