April 9, 2010

AMOM: if i had a million dollars I'd spent it all

Tonight we are going to the bar and while my camera seems to be lost somewhere in the chaos of my room I asked my friend to bring a camera so I hope there will be some pictures so that I can post a new outfit post tomorrow! Studying has been going verrrrry slow but I hope the reason for that is the boring topic I'm working on. On the weekend I will solve some cases in the hopes of doing something more interesting which will actually get my motivation back. :)

Day 3 of A Month of Music with today's topic being A Song That Makes You Happy. A band that really puts me in a happy mood is Sublime. I suppose that's what their music is supposed to do anyway ;) The song I chose is Santeria.

a song that makes you happy.

Sublime - Santeria

Not only does Santeria have a wonderful "happy sound", it also reminds me of home because last summer American Eagle played it evvvvvery day. You know those TVs they have where they play music videos and they switch those a couple of times each year? Yeah, those. So whenever I listen to this song it reminds me of summer at home <3 :)

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