March 13, 2010

i'm talking pedicure on our toes, toes

Hello hello. I had a week full of work and fun! I started working for the faculty of law on Monday so that means chores, chores, chores - but they're fun. Everyone seems absolutely lovely so far and I can't wait for tomorrow night when the faculty is having a party for all the law students and I'll be able to get to know my co-workers better. I first met everyone on Monday and had a full day of work on Wednesday already. I had to get up at five in the morning in order to meet everyone at law school at six thirty and hand out free breakfast to the freshmen (but at least we got to steal away a little cup of coffee for ourselves too!) Our office is still filled with bottles of Iced Green Tea and so-called Kipferln, croissant-like pastries. 

It was also the first week of the new semester.. or well, the first week of classes in the new semester. Last week was exam week. Pretty much all of my courses are in the late afternoon which is a little lame because it doesn't leave me a whole lot of time to meet up with my friends after uni but a semester's over faster than you can say blueberry pie anyway so it's okay. I took my first little expedition into the world of Criminal Law I, the actual Civil Law I (not the introductory type) and Roman Contract Law. Next week Intl Law classes start which I'm super excited about because International Law is exactly what I want to specialize in. I'm also taking another history class (yuck) since you have to do that at some point during university and I'm just trying to get it over with. All of that plus European Law means I will be a busy bee this semester! :) 

My outfit for hockey on Tuesday. We're currently leading the best-of-seven series in the semi-finals 2:0! 

They look so dirty in this picture. Oops. I swear they weren't!

My maple leaf necklace. Go Canada.

As you might have realized I have this little obsession with Chanel. :) Love my studs!

My grandma found this old watch and gave it to me after I fell completely in love with it. It doesn't even use batteries. How old school is that? :)

longshirt - H&M, blazer - H&M, leggings - Seductions, flats - Juicy Couture, necklace - random tourist store on Yonge St, studs - Chanel, watch - vintage
Oh, and I'm combining black and blue on purpose because contrary to popular belief I think they look good together :P

Is it just me or do they play Gossip's Heavy Cross around 395356 times on the radio every day? It's actually a decent song but it really gets on my nerves how I hear it so many times a day (and I never even listen to the radio anyway). Well, no, they still play Empire State of Mind almost as often I just noticed. Anyway. I like the song and I don't want the radio to ruin that for me :/

I went to the spa today and got my hair and nails done. Finally. My tips were basically falling off already. Poor lady had to redo them all. She's so awesome though, she's the nicest person ever. What's funny about it is my hair stylist is her daughter - coincidentally! After I had my hair done the girl suggested for me to try light brown highlights next time. I'm not sure. What do you think?

Cheerleading championships tomorrow. Aw, how I miss it lately. I'll probably burst into tears right there. Just kidding :) I wish I still had my outfit and pom poms just to remember the good times sometimes. I noticed there are two pictures of me on their official website by the way. Hah!

Last but not least: who watched the new Gossip Girl and 90210 this week? I'm usually more of a Gossip Girl but I must say the new episode of 90210 was probably even better. Both of them were absolutely awesome though and I am hooked once again. I can't wait for the next episodes. And it seems like Annie is finally stopping to get on my nerves. :) Yay. Alright. End of a long post. If you read until here you deserve a big hug!

Talk soon. x


  1. your necklace & shoes are cute! (:

  2. awesome outfit!love your shoes;X

  3. love your blog
    and you are beautiful!

  4. yes, black nail polish is the best. fashion junkie, law student--love it. thanks for commenting on my post. i follow your blog now; feel free to follow mine.

  5. Nice outfit & lovely shoes and watch!
    lovely blog

  6. like the outfit, the jacket makes it really stand out

  7. wow your a law student? I bet thats tough but hey you look FAB. nice sweater!

  8. The outfit looks wonderful. Love the cardigan and the dress

  9. nice blog you have :) I really love your shoes and jewelry. I just lik eyour whole outfit haha!